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What's In The Box?

First delivery is May 11th

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CSA Shares come with a variety of options, from Fruit Shares, Spring/Summer, and Full Shares that are every week or every other.

Buying a CSA share through Produce with Purpose is a little different than the average CSA from a single  farm. We're partnered with multiple small farms to provide you with a box full of variety! Each of our farmers provide us with high quality produce that is then combined into a share. 5-11 items of produce along with one-two item(s) of fresh fruit, which is special to our CSA shares!

If you're a fruit fan our fruit share is THE BEST you will find, excellent fruit with an incredible variety.

What Happens Once I Buy? 


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Buying a Spring Share gets you the first four weeks of a Full Share, Summer Share gets you the 12 weeks of summer, buying a full share gets you 28 weeks of fresh local produce!

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