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Four New Meal Kits! Fresh this week!

This Week's Freshly Added Meal Kits!

Tasty Potatoes and Green Beans

These Potatoes and Green Beans are a tasty side dish that you'll absolutely love. Or a great Vegan Main Dish! Made with garlic and flavorful seasonings, this oven-roasted veggie dish is delicious.

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Roasted Beet Salad with Feta & Roasted Walnuts

A healthy roasted beet salad with feta and roasted walnuts, drizzled with a homemade vinaigrette. The beets are the star of the show! Freshly roasted beets done in our PWP Commercial Kitchen cut out a significant portion of time required to make this salad. Let us do the work for you!

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Vidalia Onion, Mushroom, and Parsley Salad

This salad is all about simplicity and highlights the wonderful sweetness of these onions. Try to get the slices really thin-the texture and flavor will be especially delicate.

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Spicy Purple Potato Salad

(if you want no spice, you can omit the jalapeno )

Boiling these vibrant potatoes with a touch of vinegar helps set the color and keep it bright. The spice in this recipe comes from a minced fresh jalapeno. To tame the heat, remove the seeds as well as the connective ribs on the inside of the pepper.

This is a fun twist on our traditional potato salad!

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Do you love the convivence of our meal kits?

Have you joined our meal kit subscription yet?

Start & Stop your subscription at anytime with no penalties. Bi-weekly option or even one time just to try it out! We create our meal kits with small batches of ingredients to ensure freshness but also reduce waste. You receive all ingredients needed to create your homemade meal whiteout the hassle of shopping and making ingredient lists. Each meal kit comes with an easy to follow recipe card so even the most beginner cook can accomplish these beautiful meals.

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